The River University (TRU)
School of Ministry

TRU School of the Ministry opened their doors in April 2015 with the following courses:

  • Leadership 101
  • Leadership 201
  • Leadership 301
  • Leadership 401

Future courses will include:

  • Biblical Counseling
  • Intro to OT Hebrew
  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Church Government
  • Intro to NT Greek
  • Healing
  • Leadership
  • Blood Covenant
  • Practicum (Ministry)

 Applications are available! Cost is affordable.


To create a hybrid of ministry education by partnering with a degree granting Bible College/Seminary and concurrently running custom curriculum for a certificate program in the School of Ministry. The mission is to train and educate men and women in following: the giftings of the Holy Spirit, the practical side of ministry and the great doctrines and teachings of the Word of God.

Develop curriculum and courseware to meet the needs to release anointed ministries into the Gila Valley, southeast Arizona, the United States and the world. This program will be facilitated by godly and anointed Bible Teachers – including apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors.

The plan is to offer a School of Ministry track, to be completed in one or two-year programs. Further, to offer a degree program for both Associate and Bachelor degrees in Theology/Christian Ministry.

The programs will be made available both locally and via the internet.

The immediate goal for graduates will be to place them in ministry internships within the sponsoring church or in another location.

The River University and TRU School of Ministry is a faith ministry. Our endeavor is to make training and education affordable to all people with a sincere desire to learn and commit to the program. TRU is a local church based ministry and will integrate the program into the church body for both practical application and to come under the spiritual covering of the church leadership.